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The Progressive Christian Fellowship endorses and supports the biblical research approach of the Jesus Seminar.  Please refer to the link below for details. 
Jesus Seminar is a research project organized by the Westar Institute, which consists of more than 200 renowned biblical scholars.  We advice our members and other Christians to join Westar Institute as Associate Member as a means of supporting their work.  Biblical sholars may join as Fellows.
Westar Institute:
Additional notes:
Please note that churches recommended by the Westar Institute (Home > Directory of Churches) include many Unitarian Universalist (UU) churches, reflecting the close relationship between liberal Christians and UU; they have very similar faiths.  In fact, historically, UU has been developed from liberal Christianity, so UU can be seen as the final form of liberal Christianity.  I have no problem recommending UU to liberal Christians.  UU has adequate tolerance to accomodate traditional Christian faith.  Without doctrinal requirement, a UU member can believe in Trinity, Virgin Birth, Bodily Resurrection, Salvation by Faith Alone, etc. without problem.

進思基督徒團契認同及支持「耶穌研討會」(Jesus Seminar)的聖經研究進路。卻知詳情,請參閱下面的英語連結。
「耶穌研討會」是「維斯達學院」(Westar Institute)的研究計劃之一;「維斯達學院」的成員包括超過二百名聖經研究學者。現呼籲各位自由派(及其他)基督徒考慮加入「維斯達學院」成為會員(Associate Member),以支持該學院的聖經研究工作。聖經學者當然申請成為院士(Fellow)更合適!


請留意「維斯達學院」推薦的教會(參以上連結中的 Home > Directory of Churches)中有很多 Unitarian Universalist 教會,可見 Unitarian Universalism (UU) 與自由派基督教關系十分密切,兩者的信仰觀十分接近。事實上,UU 歷史上是從自由派基督教發展出來的,所以 UU 可說是自由派基督教的最終模式,因此本人向自由派基督徒推薦 UU。UU 也有足夠的寬容度包容傳統基督信仰。由於 UU 不存在教義審查,一個 UU 成員可以自由相信三位一體、童女生子、身體復活、因信稱義等的傳統信念。

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